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84.41.01Wheel, Wooden Bicycle
  • Object, Vehicle Component, Vehicle Wheel, Bicycle Wheel
  • Transportation, Cycle, Bicycle
86.06.09Man Driving a Buckboard at Head of Somes Sound
  • Image, Photograph
  • Nature, Animals, Horses
  • People
  • Transportation, Carriage, Buckboard
86.18.08Buckboard with Driver & Ladies
  • Image, Photograph
  • People
  • Transportation, Carriage, Buckboard
[blank]Summit of Green Mountain Poster, c. 1880s
  • Document, Advertising, Poster
  • Places, Path
  • Recreation
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
Poster addressed to the "Mount Desert tourist," advertising the summit of Green Mountain, 1525 feet above sea level, which can be reached by an easy drive via the Green Mountain Carriage Toll Road.