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  • Northeast Harbor
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[blank]Northeast Harbor Fire House, Winter of 1954
  • Image, Photograph, Black-and-White Photograph
  • Structures, Civic, Public, Public Safety, Fire Station
  • Transportation, Truck, Fire Truck
  • Chase - Ronald Chase
  • 1954
Town of Mount Desert Municipal Building and Northeast Harbor Firehouse, winter of 1954. Two fire engines are visible through the windows of the doors. The sign over the left door reads "W.S. Grant, Jr., Ladder No. 1" and over the right reads "Engine No. 1" Photograph by Ronald Chase
[blank]Christmas Decorations at the Municipal Building, Northeast Harbor
  • Image, Photograph
  • Organizations, Municipal
  • Structures, Civic, Public, Public Safety, Fire Station
  • Fennelley - George F. Fennelley
  • 1950
Mount Desert Town Office, and Northeast Harbor Fire Station decorated for Christmas, circa 1950. The car to the left has been identified as a 1949-1951-era Ford.
1990.XX.XXBlueprint Elevation and Floor Plans for the Municipal Building, Main Street, Northeast Harbor
  • Document, Reprographic Copy, Blueprint
  • Structures, Civic, Public, Public Safety, Fire Station
  • Structures, Civic, Public, Town Hall
  • Ralph - Isaac E. Ralph
  • 1916
Two sheets of blueprints for the proposed municipal building and firehouse on Main Street, Northeast Harbor. One sheet shows Front and Side Elevations (west and south). The top of the drawing is labeled "Building Fire-House, Northeast Harbor, Town of Mt. Desert. I.E. Ralph, Architect. To the right of the elevation drawings is a partial section of the wall and roof. The other sheet shows the first and second floor plans, as well as a partial section of the building denoting the sizes and types of wood to be used. The first floor has space for the fire department, as well as a heater room and toilet, while the second floor has a large Selectmens' Office in the front, unfinished space behind, and a small toilet room. Both sheets are roughly 24" x 36" The municipal building was constructed between 1916 and 1917 and cost a total of $7151.66. For his work on the plans, I.E. Ralph received $146.90. [show more]