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  • Northeast Harbor
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[blank]Christmas Decorations at the Municipal Building, Northeast Harbor
  • Image, Photograph
  • Organizations, Municipal
  • Structures, Civic, Public, Public Safety, Fire Station
  • Fennelley - George F. Fennelley
  • 1950
Mount Desert Town Office, and Northeast Harbor Fire Station decorated for Christmas, circa 1950. The car to the left has been identified as a 1949-1951-era Ford.
[blank]Photographs of Main Street Northeast Harbor, circa 1935
  • Image, Photograph, Black-and-White Photograph
  • Businesses, Transportation Business
  • Organizations, Municipal
  • 1935 c.
6 modern reproduction photographs showing Main Street, Northeast Harbor, circa 1935. Four views show the Municipal Building/Firehouse, and three show fire engines parked in front of the building, including the 1927 American LaFrance Ladder Truck "William S. Grant." Another photograph shows buses parked to the south of the municipal building, belong to Maine Transportation (?), a subsidiary of the Maine Central Railroad Company. Another photograph shows two buses belonging to the Boston & Maine Transportation Company parked behind Manchester Bros. Garage. Another photograph shows the steamer J.T. Morse landing at the steamboat wharf in Northeast Harbor [show more]